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Los Angeles based artist/inventor Brian Poor has worked as a mechanical designer, conceptual illustrator and S.A.G. puppeteer for the film and television industry for two decades.  He has designed and built animatronic robots, monsters, and props for feature films such as Mimic, Species II, Virus, and A.I. as well as animatronic creatures for Disney Imagineering.  While honing his skills as an artist and craftsman in the entertainment industry, Brian continued to develop his own vision of blending art and technology and participating within the LA art scene.

Brian grew up among the rugged coastlines and redwood forests of northern California where he divided his time between exploring the wild areas around his home and tinkering within the workshops of his father and grandfather.  Led by his interests in science and technology, he earned an associate of science degree in electronics technology, whereuponhis artistic compulsions set in and he went onto earn abachelor’s degree in studio arts from Humboldt State University.